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Historically, many marketers have used simple attribution models to tie back marketing spend and activities to Closed-Won deals.  Marketers have been forced to use simple first or last touch marketing attribution models due to limiting factors like data quality, imperfect sales processes, silos of information between CRM and marketing automation tools, and limited reporting functionality within Salesforce itself.
Relying on only marketing automation data can also be limited and not capture the real contributions of both sales and marketing to bring a lead from initial touch to close.


Smart, data driven marketers understand that for complex, B2B sales there are many factors that influence a deal from start to close – particularly for companies with high value products, multiple decision makers/buyer personas, and long sales cycles.  To truly understand how successful your marketing and lead generation efforts are and where to increase or decrease spend, every touch that positively influences a deal should receive proper credit.
There are many variables that can be different for each business from content/campaign types, opportunity stages, deal velocity, product mix, etc.


There are a few new vendors popping up to address this known issue.  Unfortunately many of these solutions themselves add further complexity and challenges and are quite costly.
AttributeApp’s aim is to simplify the process and give marketers out of the box multi-touch attribution models to provide immediate value, and can be refined over time based on results and further/better data.  A simple, clear, easy to use solution that is focused solely on multi-touch attribution in Salesforce, natively.

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