Using Lead Source as First Touch Override – New Feature

Based on customer requests, a new feature has been added to AttributeApp Multi-Touch Attribution reporting – the ability to use the Lead Source as First Touch point in Multi-Touch Attribution reports.

When this setting is enabled, the first touch credit for any opportunity in Salesforce goes to the Lead Source, even if there is an earlier Pardot marketing touch point.  This can be useful when data is coming in from multiple sources and Salesforce is the one point of truth for first touch/lead source.  This touch point overrides any earlier Pardot marketing touches and gives the first touch attribution credit to the Lead Source.

The Lead Source is an auto populated field in Pardot which is determined by the prospects referring URL.
The Referring URL is the page the visitor was on directly before landing on your page. For example someone saw a tweet for an offer of yours and clicked through to, Twitter is the Lead Source. Generally this is the first true touch point. Later – perhaps later that visit, a month later, 6 months later – whatever form, landing page, or event that converts into a prospect is the Pardot Source Campaign.

AttributeApp pulls in both data points and allows weightings to be adjusted on each. There is also an option to pull the lead source from the Contact in the Opportunity with the earliest “Pardot Create Date”.
Lead Source as First Touch also gives the user an easy way to generate and save multiple Top of Funnel reports, either from a Salesforce Lead Source or Pardot marketing touch filter.