Salesforce Sales Attribution Reporting

New feature added: Salesforce sales attribution reporting

Salesforce Sales Activity has now been added along with Pardot marketing touch data to the multi-touch attribution reporting within AttributeApp. Users now have the following options for Multi-touch attribution reporting with their combined Salesforce and Pardot data:

*Pardot Activities/Campaigns only
*Salesforce Sales Activities only (calls, demos, meetings, etc.)
*Combined Salesforce Sales Activities and Pardot activities

This provides a complete view of Sales (Salesforce activities) and Marketing’s (Pardot activities) contributions to pipeline and revenue.

This data gets rolled up at the Marketing Tactics and Campaigns level. You can also drill down into a single opportunity and get a clear view of both Sales and Marketing’s contributions to closing a deal. Here’s a simple example that combines both Pardot (Video, Website Visit) and Salesforce (Send Quote) activities to give a complete view of  a single deal:

Salesforce Sales Attribution

Salesforce Sales Attribution

There are now 10 out of the box attribution reports that allow insights into

*Pardot data, Salesforce sales data, combined Salesforce and Pardot data

*First Touch, Last Touch Models (for baseline comparison)

*Multi-touch Attribution Models

*Revenue Attribution (i.e. “Closed Won” in the last 90 days)

*Pipeline Attribution (i.e. “50/70/90% Open Opportunities last 90 days)

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.02.59 PM

And of course all reports have customizable multi-touch and contact weightings, or create a new custom report and filter on opportunity stage, timeframe, activity lookback window, etc.

Please keep the feature requests coming!

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