Salesforce Account Based Marketing (ABM) Reporting

There are a couple main issues with current Salesforce Account Based Marketing (ABM) Reporting:

1. Campaign influence reporting is somewhat useful, but gives 100% credit to the full value of the deal for every campaign that touches the opp (double counting or worse); usually the last touch updates the record.

2. No Marketing Automation data (Pardot, Marketo, etc.) or sales rep touches included in the reports. This provides 2 dimensional view (only sales or only marketing influence on deal) vs. a 3D view showing both side’s contributions.

3. No fractional or multi-touch attribution reporting available. Relying on last touch campaign influence makes it difficult/impossible to make accurate ROI decisions on what channels/campaigns/tactics are working and where to increase/decrease marketing spend.

This is a known issue with Salesforce that many people are struggling with.


AttributeApp is a purpose built multi-touch attribution reporting tool that combines marketing automation data with Salesforce campaigns, Account, and Opportunity data in a custom object to solve this problem.  It is designed for B2B marketers typically with multiple contacts at the account level, long sales cycles, and many campaigns/tactics that are influencing a deal over time.


Account based attribution can be difficult to track without getting the data in one place and normalized. With the the AttributeApp managed package installed and Account Based filtering enabled, AttributeApp Account Based Attribution Reporting can help answer many of these questions right in Salesforce.


Turn on Account Filters, Select from any Salesforce Account Field (i.e. select a single account or groups of accounts):

From there, you can see an Attribution Rollup Report (this shows underlying tactics; same can be done for campaigns)

Salesforce Account Attribution Report

Salesforce Attributed Opportunities



Drill down to a single opportunity to see all of the contacts at the account level and the interactions sales and marketing have had with those contacts from first touch to last touch:

Salesforce Account Attribution Single Opportuntiy


AttributeApp can answer many common B2B market questions, like:

How can we give partial (Fractional), weighted Multi-touch attribution credit for first/ last touch, and other influential campaigns or tactics at the account level?

AttributeApp Filter:

Salesforce Account Multi-Touch Attribution Weighting

My reps aren’t good at filling out Opportunity Contact Roles; Can we see attribution at the account level without this?

AttributeApp Filter:

Yes – turn off Opportunity Contact Roles or give 100% credit to all contacts at the account

Salesforce Opportunity Contact Role Attribution Weighting

Other Questions AttributeApp reports can help answer:

  1. What Campaigns (Salesforce and/or marketing automation) have influenced an account or set of accounts?
  2. What % of our best customers are involved in, or completely untouched by, a specific campaign?
  3. What is the first campaign anyone at this account has ever responded to and who/when?
  4. What campaigns or tactics are best as “openers”, or driving the most first touch ROI?
  5. What campaigns or tactics are the best as “closers”, or more common as the last touch campaign or tactic?

AttributeApp combines your company’s marketing automation data with Salesforce opportunity and account data to provide these insights. Interested in a demo to talk through your specific org’s needs or want to start a free 14 day trial?  Get started here.

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