Pardot/Salesforce Data Export – New Feature Added

Based on customer requests we’ve added a new feature at AttributeApp – the ability to do a Pardot/Salesforce data export of the combined CRM/Marketing Automation marketing touch data stack we build on integration.

***Update – if you are looking to do a one time Pardot activity export (moving to another marketing automation solution, connecting data to a corporate BI or CDP, etc.), we can do that through AttributeApp for a one time fee of $599.  AttributeApp is a managed package that you download into your Salesforce environment. You enter your Pardot API credentials, select the type of data you want to import from Pardot and the date range, then run the job. You can also marry this data with SF campaigns and opportunity data at the contact and account level. This creates and exposes a custom object in Salesforce.  Depending on the amount of data (there is a test before importing), it may take a day or so to run the job. From there you can then export via CSV.  If you’d like to learn more or get started – Contact us

Go to AttributeApp Setup -> Marketing Data Report. Then build a report/filter and Save as a Report in Salesforce, or export to XLS or CSV. The final report will have married all Pardot and Salesforce marketing and sales activities at the contact/account/opportunity level:

Pardot Salesforce Data Export

You can also easily summarize (group) info by contact, campaign, opportunity, etc.

Summarize Salesforce Activity Report

One of the key benefits of AttributeApp is getting your Pardot marketing automation and Salesforce sales and opportunity data in one place. From there we have pre-defined Multi-touch attribution reports and tools to easily build and run your own attribution models.

However, some customers may want to export this combined data to do offline analysis with other BI tools, or use the data for other purposes.

There is often a debate among SaaS companies as to whether to allow customers to export data and how to handle those requests. Some software vendors make it difficult to extract your data in the hopes of “reducing churn” amid worries that you’ll take your data out of the app and cancel. Our view is that the data is yours – not ours – and we should make it easy for you to extract it at any time, for any purpose. In the AttributeApp setup tab it’s easy to filter the data set you’d like and export to CSV or XLS.

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