Pardot Salesforce Data Sync – New Feature Added

The first step in any marketing attribution project is getting your data in one place and standardized to report on.  AttributeApp’s Pardot Salesforce Data Sync combines relevant marketing actions from Pardot with Salesforce contact/account/opportunity data for the purpose of multi-touch attribution reporting.
One challenge that can come up for some orgs in the Pardot Salesforce data sync is account and contact records that exist in Pardot but not yet in Salesforce.
Generally with Pardot’s CRM connectors, for Pardot to sync a prospect with a record in CRM, an existing Salesforce contact with matching email address must exist, OR the prospect must be assigned in Pardot.
AttributeApp allows a little more flexibility and granularity for companies that want to create new contacts and accounts that exist in Pardot but not yet in Salesforce. This can close some of the gaps in attribution reporting for contacts that exist in Pardot but not yet Salesforce.
The AttributeApp has several user defined controls in place on setup, including:
  1. Contacts Only – select this option to create new contacts in Salesforce that exist in Pardot but not Salesforce (if email address already exists – activities are appended to that matching contact)
  2. Accounts Only – (if Account name does not exist in Salesforce database, a new Account record is created)
  3. Timeframe – select how far back in time (via “activity lookback window”) to pull Pardot data from
  4. Activity Types – select which Pardot Activity types to include. Default is to exclude activities like “email sent” and include relevant, meaningful marketing activities like “video watched”, “attended webinar”, etc.
  5. Sync Frequency – Can be set daily or hourly (as frequently as once an hour for a near continuous Pardot Salesforce Sync) to pull in net new Pardot activities.
Pardot Salesforce Data Sync

Pardot Salesforce Data Sync

Other Considerations:
  1. This is a one way sync – AttributeApp does not write from Salesforce to Pardot.
  2. Account and Contact Duplicates – we recommend a data cleansing/governance strategy to clean up any account and/or contact duplicates (i.e. “Walmart” and “Wal-mart Stores, Inc.”.  Third party tools like RingLead’s Data Quality Platform are a great solution.
  3. Sales reps sell to accounts, not just individual contacts. AttributeApp is also set up to roll up attribution reports at an account level, regardless of opportunity contact role that may or may not have been filled out by a sales rep.  This is especially important with B2B marketer’s increasing focus on Account Based Marketing (see Account Based Marketing in Pardot – 3 Ways Multi-Touch Attribution Supports and Improves).
By ensuring a proper Pardot Salesforce Data Sync, AttributeApp can help close the gap on any accounts that have opportunities in Salesforce and make sure all relevant marketing activities are tied to that account. This gives a complete view of the buyer’s journey and insights into all of marketing’s contributions to sales.