Join us at the Bay Area Content Meetup

September 8, 2018 No comments

Join us for a Multi-Touch Attribution presentation and discussion in San Mateo on October 4th. Details Done right, multi-touch attribution models can provide a better view into marketing and sales’ contributions to revenue, compared to first touch or last touch models. At this Meetup, Jeremy Hurley, Founder of AttributeApp, will explore key considerations and challenges […]

How to Expose Permanent Pardot Marketing Data at the Contact level in Salesforce

August 9, 2018 No comments

Are you looking to expose Pardot marketing automation data and attach it permanently to the Salesforce contact record (and not through an iframe)? This can be accomplished using AttributeApp. After the initial data sync using the Pardot API, this marketing contact touch data will be available in Salesforce. The data is exposed in the Marketing […]

How do you get your Sales team to use Opportunity Contact Roles?

October 7, 2017 No comments

A common question and pain point for B2B marketers is how do you get your Sales team to use Opportunity Contact Roles for the purpose of Salesforce Attribution reporting?  Without correct opportunity contact role data, it’s usually not possible to report on marketing’s influence on deals or get a true ROI analysis on which channels, […]

Combine Salesforce and Pardot Campaigns Data – New Feature Added

March 31, 2017 No comments

AttributeApp now allows the option to combine Salesforce and Pardot Campaigns Data into the app. You can now run attribution reports based on the following marketing touch data sets and fields: Salesforce Campaigns Salesforce Sales Actions (from the task field, i.e. calls, meetings, demos, send quote, etc.) Pardot Campaigns Pardot Tactics (forms, landing pages, videos, […]

Using Lead Source as First Touch Override – New Feature

February 16, 2017 No comments

Based on customer requests, a new feature has been added to AttributeApp Multi-Touch Attribution reporting – the ability to use the Lead Source as First Touch point in Multi-Touch Attribution reports. When this setting is enabled, the first touch credit for any opportunity in Salesforce goes to the Lead Source, even if there is an earlier Pardot […]

How to Combine Content and Account-Based Marketing

January 17, 2017 No comments

How Multi-Touch Attribution Analysis bridges the divide With all of the fuss around account-based marketing (ABM), you might feel a little out of the loop if you haven’t given it a try yet. For most marketing organizations, account-based marketing will not replace inbound marketing efforts. With its high price tag and intensive content requirements, teams […]

Pardot Account Based Marketing — 8 Tips

January 11, 2017 No comments

  For those who plan to start Pardot Account Based Marketing, the AttributeApp team has compiled 8 Pardot-specific tactics that can take your efforts to the next level:        1. Use Pardot Grading Profiles to Establish your Target Buyer A key consideration of B2B and account-based marketing is that even though you’re targeting businesses, […]

Getting Started with Multi-Touch Attribution: To-Do List

November 29, 2016 No comments

Before getting started with multi-touch attribution, many marketers are intimidated or daunted by the idea of “cleaning up” their database. This is true for even the most sophisticated of programs; no dataset is perfect. The AttributeApp team has worked with many groups over time and we’ve learned that data quality is a journey — not […]

Marketing Attribution Errors: How NOT to do B2B marketing attribution

November 1, 2016 No comments

Here are examples and anecdotes of marketing attribution errors and how NOT to do B2B marketing attribution. Sadly many of these stories are real stories from the B2B marketing battlefield:   “We are shifting most of our marketing budget this quarter to Publisher Y. We ran a report and saw that one of the leads […]

Enhanced Salesforce Opportunity Filtering – New Feature

October 28, 2016 No comments

AttributeApp’s new Salesforce Opportunity Filtering now allows users to build more granular multi-touch attribution reports with their combined Pardot and Salesforce data. The interface should be familiar for all Salesforce users as we are mirroring the filters and settings for building typical Salesforce Opportunity Reports. Filters can also be combined and available pick list fields […]

Pardot Salesforce Data Sync – New Feature Added

September 15, 2016 No comments

The first step in any marketing attribution project is getting your data in one place and standardized to report on.  AttributeApp’s Pardot Salesforce Data Sync combines relevant marketing actions from Pardot with Salesforce contact/account/opportunity data for the purpose of multi-touch attribution reporting. One challenge that can come up for some orgs in the Pardot Salesforce […]

Pardot/Salesforce Data Export – New Feature Added

August 3, 2016 No comments

Based on customer requests we’ve added a new feature at AttributeApp – the ability to do a Pardot/Salesforce data export of the combined CRM/Marketing Automation marketing touch data stack we build on integration. ***Update – if you are looking to do a one time Pardot activity export (moving to another marketing automation solution, connecting data […]

Salesforce Sales Attribution Reporting

June 24, 2016 No comments

New feature added: Salesforce sales attribution reporting Salesforce Sales Activity has now been added along with Pardot marketing touch data to the multi-touch attribution reporting within AttributeApp. Users now have the following options for Multi-touch attribution reporting with their combined Salesforce and Pardot data: *Pardot Activities/Campaigns only *Salesforce Sales Activities only (calls, demos, meetings, etc.) *Combined […]

What is Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

May 19, 2016 No comments

What is Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)? There has been a lot of buzz lately in about Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).  Exactly what is Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and why should B2B marketers care?   A synonym for Multi-Touch Attribution you might hear is “Fractional Attribution” which helps to explain the concept. In a nutshell for, MTA attempts to […]

Getting Started with AttributeApp

April 28, 2016 No comments

AttributeApp Implementation Guide – Step by Step Tutorial   Setup Time:  10 Minutes Step 1: Install the Package in your Salesforce environment Click on the link supplied by AttributeApp or through Salesforce AppExchange (must be a Salesforce Admin or a user with “Download AppExchange packages” permissions to install) There may be as many as 3 choices […]

Account Based Marketing in Pardot – 3 Ways Multi-Touch Attribution Supports and Improves

February 25, 2016 No comments

Account Based Marketing in Pardot According to SiriusDecisions, over 90% of marketers recognize the value of Account Based Marketing, with 60% planning to invest in the practice over the next 12 months. First thought of as an enterprise-only process, this new method of targeting key accounts is gaining popularity as supporting technologies pop up to […] Multi-Touch Attribution vs. Purpose-Built Tools

February 23, 2016 No comments

Do I need a Purpose-Built MTA Tool or can I use Multi-Touch Attribution? The majority of marketers will attempt to use some form of Multi-Touch Attribution analysis in 2016. Once you’ve decided that MTA is right for you, the next step is choosing how to tackle a Multi-Touch Attribution project. Ask yourself these questions […]

How to Start Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling – Three Clues that MTA is for you

February 18, 2016 No comments

Choosing and How to Start Multi-Touch Attribution Many marketers have named multi-touch attribution as a top priority for 2017. Have you already decided that MTA is for you? Here are three clues that it’s time to add Multi-Touch Attribution to your ever-growing project list and tips on how to start Multi-Touch Attribution reporting to unlock […]

How to do Pardot Multi-Touch Attribution in Salesforce – Tutorial

September 24, 2015 2 Comments

Pardot multi-touch attribution – How, Why, and Getting Started So, you are a Pardot customer that already understands the benefits of Multi-touch Attribution as a Catalyst for Data Driven Thinking and how many more actionable insights a multi-touch attribution model yields when compared with first or last touch attribution models  particularly for complex B2B sales. But […]

Salesforce Data Quality Solutions for Marketers

August 25, 2015 No comments

As a customer relationship management (CRM) product, there are few services more valuable to your business than – regardless of the industry that you happen to operate in. With Salesforce, you now have access to every last piece of actionable information regarding your business’ interactions with customers at your fingertips. For many businesses, however, […]

Marketing Attribution Model Comparison: First, Last Touch and Multi-Touch Attribution

July 8, 2015 No comments

Data Driven marketers, particularly those at B2B companies with complex sales cycles understand that first and last touch attribution models shortchange marketing’s contribution to sales. These simplistic models don’t give a clear, full picture on ROI that different marketing activities contribute to pipelined and won revenue. Read on for a Marketing Attribution Model Comparison for B2B […]

Multi-Touch Attribution as a Catalyst for Data Driven Thinking

June 30, 2015 No comments

As a B2B marketer, if you aren’t doing any type of multi-touch attribution modeling currently, it’s akin to driving down the road blindfolded. You may or may not be on the right path, but there’s little way to know for sure (until you crash into a tree or the rumble strip). With your data in […]

Welcome to AttributeApp: Multi-touch Attribution in

June 9, 2015 No comments

Historically, many marketers have used simple attribution models to tie back marketing spend and activities to Closed-Won deals.  Marketers have been forced to use simple first or last touch marketing attribution models due to limiting factors like data quality, imperfect sales processes, silos of information between CRM and marketing automation tools, and limited reporting functionality […]