How to Expose Permanent Pardot Marketing Data at the Contact level in Salesforce

Are you looking to expose Pardot marketing automation data and attach it permanently to the Salesforce contact record (and not through an iframe)? This can be accomplished using AttributeApp. After the initial data sync using the Pardot API, this marketing contact touch data will be available in Salesforce. The data is exposed in the Marketing Data Tab under each contact record:

(chart label is the Pardot marketing touch/asset and campaign name from your environment)

You can also drill down into the specific Marketing Data Name record for even more detail:

These are the steps to implement:
1. Download the AttributeApp managed package
2. Connect the app through the Pardot API – this pulls in selected Pardot activity/campaign data at the contact level and builds a custom object that stores this data in SF and can be accessed
3. Run AttributeApp initial job – suggest to test this, we start with just a few days or a week’s worth of data (can go back and run a full historical job later). There is no need to implement Javascript tags with AttributeApp as we use our historical data and current setup.
4. Expose Permanent Pardot Marketing Data at the Contact level in Salesforce:
Setup -> Object Manager -> Contact
-> Related Lists
Drag “Marketing Data” to the bottom
-> Related List Properties – Marketing Data
5. Select Fields – recommended to choose the first 4 fields below, and the rest of the fields can be navigated to from there:

    Chart Label (includes Pardot activity type and campaign name)
    Touch Date
    Marketing Data Name – This is the full marketing touch record; clicking on this shows all of the below fields
    Created By
    Lookback Days

6. SAVE Layout

As long as you have AttributeApp installed, you’ll have access to this data and view at the contact level.