Enhanced Salesforce Opportunity Filtering – New Feature

AttributeApp’s new Salesforce Opportunity Filtering now allows users to build more granular multi-touch attribution reports with their combined Pardot and Salesforce data. The interface should be familiar for all Salesforce users as we are mirroring the filters and settings for building typical Salesforce Opportunity Reports. Filters can also be combined and available pick list fields are populated with the data from your Salesforce org.

Below are some of the available filters along with some possible use cases:

  • Stage
  • Probability %
  • Amount or Expected Amount
  • Close Date
  • Open Date
  • Opportunity Type – Look at Existing Customer Upgrades only, New Customers, etc
  • Opportunity Name – Can include or exclude certain words in the Opportunity Name. Can be useful depending on your Salesforce Opportunity Naming Convention, i.e. All opps that include “XYZ” product name.
  • Next Step – Run a report showing all upcoming demo meetings. Drill down into the reports to see what common marketing content has influenced these deals, or get a complete view of each individual opportunity and the Pardot and Salesforce activities that have taken place at that account.
  • Created Date
  • Last Activity
  • Lead Source
Salesforce Opportunity Filtering

Salesforce Opportunity Filtering

The new Salesforce Opportunity filtering within AttributeApp gives users great control to build multi-touch attribution reports and answer key questions on marketing’s contribution to sales and what is driving pipeline and revenue at a much more granular level.