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Marry your marketing automation and Salesforce data for easy to use, customizable multi-touch marketing and lead attribution reporting with AttributeApp.

Built for B2B marketers with complex sales cycles that use marketing automation, natively within Salesforce. No IT, no Code. Pull in historical data and gain actionable ROI insights from Day 1.

First/Last Touch Marketing Attribution Models are Broken

Many B2B products have long sales cycles, multiple decision makers and influencers, and people coming in and out of the funnel in non-linear patterns. Attribution models need to take this into account and not arbitrarily assign marketing ROI attribution based on outdated, simplistic models built for ecommerce funnels.

Your sales and marketing data are in different silos should be the one true source of data to get a complete view of what both sales and marketing is doing to influence and win deals. Marry your sales and marketing automation data in the industry standard CRM system that executives know and trust for the most accurate view of pipeline influence.

You can’t solely rely on sales for up to date Opportunity and Contact data

Reps won’t choose “Opportunity Contact Roles”, or “Primary Campaign Source” reliably. Sales skips this step or often picks the quickest field resulting in bad data.

Salesforce Attribution

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Which makes more sense as an attribution model for a complex, high value B2B sale with multiple decision makers and a long sales cycle?

First Touch Attribution Model

First Touch Attribution Opportunity

100% attribution to the first marketing touch no matter what happens from that point forward

Multi-Touch Attribution Model

Multi-Touch Attribution Opportunity

A Customized Multi-Touch Attribution Model that takes into account all touches that influenced the deal?

Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) is the Answer

Otherwise, marketing efforts get shortchanged when determining ROI.

It’s a process that requires discipline, data hygiene, and a solid data construct.


AttributeApp’s focused, purpose built Multi-Touch Attribution solution

immediately gets you visibility to your data and guides you along the journey to true marketing ROI insights.

 Easy Setup; Out of the Box Value

AttributeApp is a Salesforce native app which means it is secure since your data never leaves. Setup takes 10 minutes; get value in 24 hours after your initial data synchs.

AttributeApp does NOT require any Javascript code to be added to your site. We make use of the marketing automation and Salesforce data and systems you already have in place.

We integrate with Pardot and other marketing automation vendors, pull in your marketing activities, campaigns, and tactics and marry it with your Salesforce Account/Contact/Opportunity/Sales Activity data.

From there you are quickly up and running with pre-defined Multi-Touch Attribution reports out of the box to get an initial view on how different attribution models and variables change your ROI conclusions and results.

 10 Pre-configured Out of the Box Reports

Get immediate insights with different pre-configured lenses over your data:

  • Pipeline Attribution (first, last, multi-touch) = Open opportunities, last 90 days
  • Revenue Attribution (first, last, multi-touch) = Closed Won opportunities, last 90 days
  • Pardot Activity only = See Pardot Campaigns and underlying tactics attribution rollups
  • Salesforce Activity 0nly = Give attribution to sales activities like calls, meetings, demos
  • Combined Pardot/Salesforce Reports = see both Sales and Marketing contributions to deals at both the rollup and individual opportunity level

 Customizable based on your marketing funnel and Salesforce fields

Marketing funnels and sales cycles are different from company to company; Filter and weight the fields based on your unique process, fields and customer journey.

Create custom reports based on:

  • Salesforce Opportunity Stages and Date Ranges
  • Include or exclude specific Pardot Campaigns and Tactics
  • Include or exclude Salesforce sales activities (calls, demos, emails)

Export your combined Pardot/Salesforce marketing touch stack data at any time for analysis in other BI tools or to combine with other data sources.

 Salesforce Account Based Marketing – Rollup Account Level Activities; Drill Down to Individual Opportunities

With Opportunity Contact AND Account Level Attribution turned on, AttributeApp looks at all activities by contacts associated to an account during a given time period – not just contacts assigned to the opportunity. If an opportunity was opened on March 1st and closed June 30th, we could look back at all activities from Feb 15th to June 30th and build a model that assigns true multi-touch attribution for all touches within that account.

Drill down to the individual opportunity level to get a clear picture of attribution by marketing touch and key points in the sales cycle.

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Is my data secure?

Yes, since this is an installed package through Salesforce your data never leaves. The only other integration is through your marketing automation vendor’s secure API.  Your data never touches any third-party servers.

How is this different than competitive solutions?

There are a handful of other multi-touch attribution solutions on the market. Many are much more expensive and aimed at enterprise and/or are very complex to setup and use. The goal with AttributeApp is to focus on one problem (multi-touch attribution) with an easy setup (no code/IT needed) and simple to use experience to gain immediate, actionable insights.

Can this help with Account Based Marketing (ABM) in Salesforce?

Yes – by toggling “all contacts” on as recommended, AttributeApp builds reports that assign attribution credit to all of the contacts at that account and the marketing touches that helped influence an opportunity without relying on reps filling out contact roles. You can filter reports by accounts or groups of accounts to do Salesforce ABM reporting.

Can I export my marketing touch stack data or use this data in other Salesforce reports?

Yes, exporting your data to CSV is easy in the AttributeApp setup tab. The data is yours. We also expose the custom object data so you can join with other data sources and reports right in Salesforce.

How much does this cost and what is the pricing model?

Pricing is $599/month or $500/mo with a 12 month commitment. This is an organization wide price with no cap on data or usage. There is a 14 day risk free trial period.
If you require custom setup including additional data source integrations, pricing starts at $999/mo.

Can I use my existing data?

Yes. AttributeApp doesn’t require any Javascript or code added to your site. We utilize your existing marketing automation and Salesforce data.

Who is an ideal customer for this solution?

AttributeApp customers typically:

  • Use Salesforce for CRM and/or campaigns
  • Use Pardot or another marketing automation vendor, and rely heavily on campaigns to nurture leads
  • Sell a B2B solution with relatively high price point
  • Often have a relatively complex sale which can often include 6+ month sales cycles, multiple points of contact within an account that need to be influenced
  • Want to get a more complete, accurate view of marketing’s contribution to sales from lead to close and move beyond simple first/last touch models
  • Also want more accurate ROI assessment of individual campaigns, channels, and marketing assets and their contributions to revenue

How quickly can I get started and see results?

AttributeApp takes 10 minutes to set up. This includes installing the Salesforce managed package, entering Pardot credentials, and configuring a few initial data import settings. From there an initial job is run to integrate your data, which can take 30-120 minutes. Full access to the app and reports are available immediately after that.

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